In this blog/wiki you can navigate thought my personal working day experience, and my nightly build project. And if you have a 1M $ to invest i'm available for R&D.

Action Script @ GTUG

Ok that's is life implemented using action script.... ok... it's tremendously slow... and i think you can probably to it better (the critical section is the check of neighbours..), there is only two thing i didn't get... how i can stop the script after he start and i've reload the page? On the first sheet you have the current cell status and on


Fixed the missing closed tag

Add a fix in order to avoid missing closing tags into post, when a summary is calculated.

  private static String collapse(String summary) {
    int s=0;
    //add all tags
    Set<String> tags = new HashSet<String>(); 
    while (( s = summary.indexOf("<",s) )>=0){
      //got a new opening tag

      int e 


Patching dom4j

I'm really happy of dom4j 1.6.1 and i'm still using it as GA in my production environment, i've a problem with the End-of-Line Handling, so i've patch the tag 1.6.1 but with my surprise after co form CVS is not compiling.... scary!!!! the problem is the org.w3c.* packages implementation is changed since jdk 1.4 so i wasn't able to build because [more]

Monitor performance with Google Charts

Monitoring performance is always a task that comes out... there is a lot of ways to do it bu the simplest as possible is the solution i've put in place today. A Performance singleton class collect info and this info is displayed into a jsp using Google Charts API. Easy quick and really cool :) . [more]

Header Tool

Regular Expression Support A new version (0.3.6) of header tool was released yesterday, now you are able to define regexp in order to specific URI header enable. You can use the "@" character at the first char in a line in order to specify a regular expression set of he [more]

Self balancing robot

REZERO [more]


I'm doing some work on old machine today and re-install the system i've seen the support on this "new" file system. Reading around looks really good, meemo is choose it as default FS and ubunto looks is going to choose it for next release. So i've something interesting to study in my holidays in order to still competitive :


Turing machine

And there is the Turing machine simulator written in java for the course of complexity, for now please accept the brutal C&P of the code here lazewiki doen't support already binary upload from administrative interface. That's a good thing to be done as soon as possible. The comment's is in italian but the code is quite easy to understand and you can [more]

Pong Genetic Algorithm

Doing a bkup stuff i've found this old project on my laptop regarding GA and linear search, basically the idea of the course was study the Genetic Programming and than apply it on a problem in order to solve it. At the end of the course i choose Pong, basically each "Racchetta" is an Agent and it's position is choosen using a GA or linear sea [more]

Google API

Digging around google API i'm back on playgrond so qhy not link it, is very useful for learn quicly and experiments features:

And looking for the storage google API (currently in the sandbox) as a lab project i'v [more]

Parallel Internet

I was wondering if there is online already a tool for a parallel Internet network. What i mean? easy you know in the last day i've heard a lot of voice about reduction of internet freedom (expecially in italy by Agcom). So my question is easy : "there is a way to keep everything open without ISP/DNS and what ever easy for the standar user?". I alread [more]

Bash script for 24 tram in milan

This script is a courtesy from a colleagues, and fetch the time before the ATM 24 comes to the bus stop near the office. In this way you can pack your thing qicker and don't wast time.

< [more]

Greenpeace WV

A green peace initiative versus WV : [more]

Restlet Filter

Restlet framework from is a very great tool for implementing RESTLET application, is easy to learn an you can get a great level of prodictivity basically after fwe hours. Easy to learn and flexible. That is the frame i like, do once do better. Anyway after develop some restlet Api you will probably set a set of rules on a set of [more]

Android Games

I've started to work on some Android games and i've followed the Google I/O presentation of 2010 regarding the Replica Island, download the source code availabe and given a quick look to the spites :P. Then i've dissected the lunar lander example and started to build a simple point and shot game. The most important part of the game is the idea and the gr [more]


Ok it's just a new CSS, most of it is taken from oswd but for learnig a safe point can be useful and you can learn more quick. Right now as you can see if you give a look into the code it's a mess... i'm refactoring it in order to keep only the things i like and i hope to have choose the right model for my start point, ot [more]

Open Session in View

Sunday study for a better improval of the system :


Header Tool

I was not satisfied by the Modify Headers, and on my machine i experience some bugs. Frustretad for the multiple header replication and the low usability i've choose to implement an alternative easier to be used and more confortable for me :)

You can easy modify header on each HTTP call on the Mozilla Firefox [more]


Implement SNMP protocol is a crazy thing... fucking annoing, you can find a lot of library on it and for java the main two implementations is snmp4j and an other one, both is opens source but with limited License (no full GPL), one of the most convenient way to do it is use OpenDMK. OpenDMK is a set of library and a command line tool for compile MIB (not man in [more]


We need to update each entry of a table in mySQL with a timestamp relative to the creation, but without involve the application layer and just using the standard feature provied by the database itself. Looking on the master of puppet of knowledge i've found the following article that spoke about how date is working in MySQL 5, i'm lucky there [more]

Apache Mod Rewrite

A colleague need to send a blocking page to an infinite loop test client somewhere in the world. I personally hate the polling script that flood your server with un-useful request. So we filter out this request using a rewrite rulez on the Apache : To rewrite the Homepage of a site according to the ``User-Agent:'' [more]


.so what?

Limy is a message aggregator from different source, for example you are out of office and you want to setup asap a meeting with your friends, because you have been fired by a fucking manager? no problem !! open a new stream with your smartphone, got the 4 digit [more]

Time Sync

time=$(curl -s "`date +%s`"|head -n 1) && date -s "`date --date "Jan 1, 1970 00:00:00 +0000 + ${time:0:10} seconds"`"

In this way and you can synchronize your linux / *x machines with without using the NTP and behind the http proxy easily. As you can see this is not accur [more]


So this is my first post on this system, and i'll talk on that system itself. Ok Ok what is Laze-wiki is the site you are looking, basically is just simple personal wiki that is able to handle a single user. You can Edit the page directly on-line ad post a full HTML. The laze-wiki is based on Java GAE (Google Application Engine) and simple servlet page for [more]

All this story is : real life story and experience i would like to share with all of you and i hope you can share with me also your ideas and open mind, only in this way we can grow up.